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All the King's Armies
A Military History of the ECW 1642-1651

by Staurt Reid. £19.95
Hardback, 270pp
Maps a-plenty. New analysis of the campaigns & battles. The YOUNG & HOLMES of the C21st!!!!! [Cover]
An Uncivil War

by Brian Elks.
Hardback, 0pp
A novel tracing the exploits of a recruit in John Hampden's green coat regiment. [Cover]
by Tincey. £7.99
, 80pp
well ill guide to the Monmouth Rebellion - Battles Forces uniforms etc Yes, we know it's not an ECW titles but the members of the Sealed Knot seem to be going mad over it!
Auldearn 1645
The Marquis of Montrose’s Scottish campaign (Osprey Campaign 123)

by Stuart Reid. £11.99
Paperback, 0pp
Montrose's Highland campaign [Cover]
by Carol Leather. £11.95
Hardback, 0pp
This book takes you stitch by stitch through the techniques of blackwork. [Review]
By the Sword Divided
Eywitness Accounts of the English Civil War

by John Adair. £13.99
Hardback, 240pp [Cover]
By the Sword Divided
by . £38.50
Video, 0pp
The now legendary BBC drama series now yours to own. Your chance to see this humble bookseller thrown roughly to the ground (if you look quickly, of course). DVD Region 2 Also available at £45. Only £1.50 postage world wide to SK members! [Cover]
A Story of Civil War in the West Country

by Dennis Russell. £6.99
Paperback, 0pp
A Novel: Based around the Anthony family of Cornwall. [Cover]
The Royalist Army At War 1642-1646

by John Barratt. £19.99
Hardback, 244pp [Cover]
Royalist Army at War

by J Barratt. £8.99
Paperback, 280pp
Cheriton, Battle of
by R Pearce. £5.00
Pamphlet, 24pp
Full colour booklet on the battle & re-enactment. Inc superb maps. Includes colour photos of the Sealed Knot in action.
Clothes of the Comman Woman 1580-1660
Part 2: Making the Garments

by Jane Huggett. £7.00
Pamphlet, 70pp [Cover]
Cloths of the Common Woman 1580-1660
by Robert Morris. £5.00
Pamphlet, 68pp
Also known as "Common Women's Clothing 1580-1660" [Review]
Cromwell's Army
by Charles Firth.
Hardback, 432pp
Domestic Pewter of C17th England
An Historical Re-enactors Guide to the Industry & its' Products

by Aidan Campbell. £6.00
, 53pp [Cover]
Dunbar 1650
by Stuart Reid. £11.99
Paperback, 96pp
Osprey Campaign 142
ECW Flags & Colours
1: English Foot

by Stuart Peachey & Les Prince. £6.99
Pamphlet, 118pp
The most comprehensive book on ECW Flags & Coat Colours available and the only one to be entirely and carefully researched from the original sources. All known flags are illustrated. Many myths laid to rest. [Cover]
ECW Scenarios for Wargamers
by Steven Maggs. £11.50
Paperback, 48pp
Colour ECW flags. 13 battles [Cover]
Edgehill 1642
Great Battles

by Peter Young. £15.99
Paperback, 0pp
Edgehill was the first great set piece battle of the ECW. It took place in the Vale of the Red Horse in Warwickshire on 23 October 1642 and when darkness put an end to the fighting, niether side emerged with a clear cut victory. However, it marked the point of no return in the hostilities between King & Parliament. Peter Young offers a masterly retelling of every detail of that fateful day and of the preceeding campaign and its aftermath. [Cover]
England in Conflict 1603 - 1660
by Derek Hirst. £18.99
Paperback, 0pp
See review. Hardback £45. [Review]
Hardback, 344pp
Review by Rob Jones: "Adrian Pettifer's book entitled English Castles is a paperback gazetteer of 344 pages that contain over 500 main entries of Medieval English castles" [Review]
by P Harrington. £12.99
Paperback, 130pp
v well ill. Towns; castles; bridges; battlefields
English Civil War Scenarios Volume 2
Battles of the ECW

by . £11.50
Paperback, 64pp [Cover]
English Civil War Sieges
Rules & Scenarios for Wargamers

by S Maggs. £12.50
Paperback, 0pp
LF. any scale any rules set. Inc scenarios
English Civil War: Warhammer
Wargames in 17th Century Warfare

by John Stallard. £15.00
, 144pp [Cover]
First Newbury
The Turning Point (Osprey Campaign 116)

by Keith Roberts. £11.99
Paperback, 100pp [Cover]
Forlorn Hope
by Berry & Wilkins. £15.00
Paperback, 0pp
Wargamers guide to the English Civil War. Includes rules, army lists, 15mm & 25mm full colour flags, scenarios and lots of other goodies. Scenario booklet due soon! [Cover]
Going to the Wars
The Experience of the British Civil Wars, 1638 - 1651

by Charles Carlton.
Hardback, 428pp [Cover]
Henrietta Maria
by Alison Plowden. £20.00
Hardback, 0pp
Charles and Henrietta's world at Court after 1629 and up until the fighting began was a fairytale existence. They enjoyed a life of wining, dining and putting on plays, in which they would appear. Henrietta had her dwarf to entertain her... [Review]
London Armourers of the 17th Century
by Thom Richardson. £10.95
Paperback, 97pp
Discussion of issue armour and marks. pbk. well ill
Marston Moor 1644
The Beginning of the End (Osprey Campaign 119)

by J Tincey & K Roberts. £11.99
Paperback, 0pp [Cover]
Marston Moor 1644
The Battle of the Five Armies

by PR Newman & PR Roberts. £20.00
, 190pp
Vital new work on the subject that uses extensive battlefield archaeology to reassess many long held views. As important as Glenn Foard's Naseby. HBK [Cover]
Matchlock Musketeer 1588-1688
Osprey Warrior 43

by Keith Roberts. £9.99
Paperback, 64pp [Cover]
Rank & File
Drawing The English Civil War

by Stephen Beck. £8.95
Paperback, 50pp
Modern vignettes of ECW military and Camp life by Stephen Beck, familiar to us all from the Roundwood Press and other books. Many new. [Cover]
Reputations: Oliver Cromwell
by J C Davis. £12.99
Paperback, 0pp
This book is a very valuable contribution to the mass of literature that exists on this significant figure of British History. [Review]
Scots Armies of the 17th Century
1. The Army of the Covenant 1639-51

by Stuart Reid. £7.99
Pamphlet, 84pp
This is the revised 2nd edition of the first Partizan Press book. Study of the raising, campaigns, equipment etc of the Scots armies, plus comprehensive officer & regimental list for the Covenating army. [Cover]
Sealed Knot: 30 Glorious Years
1968 - 1998

by . £12.99
Video, pp
This film is a must for everybody who is interested in this coutry's history & heritage and it is also a unique insight into this fascinating society, so much so you may be moved to join their wonderful way of life, away from the traumas of this modern day society. [Cover]
Sieges and Fortifications of the Civil Wars in Britian
by Mike Osborne. £15.99
Paperback, 128pp [Cover]
Stratford Upon Avon in the English Civil War
by Robot Morris. £2.50
Pamphlet, 0pp
You fought the battle, now read the book! [Cover]
Tales of the Wars of Montrose
by James Hogg. £8.99
Paperback, 311pp
A collection of short stories, each one centering on a major battle. [Cover]
The Other Army
Camp Followers of the English Civil War

by J. Thompson. £3.99
Pamphlet, 32pp
Written by the Late Jenny Thompson, one of the Knot's earliest costume experts. The life of camp followers in the Civil War. Mainly the female followers but also victuallers and pedlars etc. There are illustrations of women's costume and accessories on every page + sections on conditions, materials; reactions to camp followers etc. [Cover]
The Tippler's Guide to the Mid 17th Century
by Stuart Peachy. £5.00
Pamphlet, 84pp
Everything you wanted to know about drink & the C17th. Alhouses; Drinking; Brewing & Wine recipes; Licensing etc. The less-than-sober Living Historian's guide! [Cover]
Time Warriors of the 17th Century
As told by members of the SK society

by . £9.99
Video, 0pp
This film is a record of the Society's colourful history as told by it's members, enhanced by a cast of thousands, creating some awesome visual action. [Cover]


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