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The Sealed Knot Coat of Arms
Artillerie The Apprentices at Armes were formed in February 1992, in response to a demand from the young people of the Sealed Knot who felt they had a contribution to give to the Sealed Knot Society, but were excluded from the battlefield until they were 16 years old. The Apprentices at Armes was formed to provide activities and training opportunities for those young members of the Sealed Knot aged between 12 and 16 years.
Apprentices are trained in the use of pike, musket, artillery, sword, drum & colours and are given an opportunity to "work the crowd" in displays, living history camps and cameos, both before and after the battle. The Apprentice Masters and instructors are all suitably qualified and experienced in their arm and hold the relevant certificate issued by the Sealed Knot. All Apprentices are trained to be aware of the safety requirements of their weapons and the responsibility that they take on when carrying those weapons. Wherever possible the level of training is up to Sealed Knot standards and many Apprentices gain their Sealed Knot sword test, or an Apprentices at Armes Certificate of Competance, before joining their adult regiment.

The Apprentices at Armes are run as a regiment, but with no regimental uniform, as each apprentice wears the uniform of his/her parents regiment, but with an Apprentice Badge, a demi bear rampant in gold, on their left arm. Opportunities exist for the apprentice to gain promotion to corporal or sergeant, although they lose this rank when returning to a line regiment at age 16, and they may even win the Apprentice Medal.

We do ask apprentices to equip themselves with doublet, beeches and suitable headgear. Apprentices may use their own weapons but a supply of dummy muskets and training pikes exists for their use. Young women are encouraged to join the Apprentices at Armes but dressed as men rather than women, indeed many young women apprentices have made corporal and four of the seven winners of the Apprentice Medal, to date, were young women.

At most musters, especially at major musters, the Apprentices at Armes parade for both training and for display work as many Sealed Knot scriptwriters now include a display or cameo presentation by the Apprentices at Armes. During their short history the Apprentices at Armes have taken part in parades, memorial services, drill displays, living history cameos, worked with traders & Sealed Knot Enterprises, performed crowd surveys and even been honour guard for a carnival princess.The Apprentice masters actively seek out opportunities for young people to take an active and responsible part in the activities of the Sealed Knot.

Please note that membership of the Apprentices at Armes is only open to those young people whose parents or guardians are members of the Sealed Knot Society.

Any young person may enlist in the Apprentices at Armes in the year that they celebrate their twelfth birthday, that is to say that any young person whose birthday is on the 31st of December1998, may join the Apprentices on the first of January 1998. Enlistment is free of charge and parents are asked to countersign their childs application. Enlistment forms are available at any Apprentice parade or by post from:

    Caroline Lycett-King, 151 Coombe Vale Road, Teignmouth, Devon, TQ14 9ER.

Geoff Hartnell
Master of Apprentices to the Sealed Knot.

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