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The Civilian - In the l7th Century many of the camp followers would simply be women of the soldier's families following their men from either preference or necessity, having no where else to go. As soldiers were not given any allowance for their dependants, they would have earned their food by laundering, cooking, sewing, or practising elementary medical care on the sick and wounded, and of course the oldest of professions...

The ladies of today try to be as authentic as possible and enjoy the excitement of the battle at close quarters by following the regiment, providing vital water. l7th Century clothing was mainly wool based, you therefore get very hot during a battle and need regular supplies of water. Civilians also take care of anyone needing minor adjustments to their armour, and they are first on the scene should a minor accident occur, giving support and assurance.

This page will be updated with contributions from Goodwives, Baggage, Living History and other representatives of non-combatents asap.

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