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Becoming a Horseman

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Below is a breakdown of the equipment worn or carried by the typical cavalryman.

The basics.

Shirt - a plain calico or cotton shirt, with drawstring cuffs, small collar and no yoke.

Breeches - plain colours and designs are best, and lined breeches last longer. The material must be wool.

Hose & Socks - thick stockings, made from jersey cloth, Buff Coat - a thick leather coat, to regimental specification.

Doublet - to regimental specification

Boots - black bucket top boots Snapsack - either made out of leather, or hessian/calico material, this is the seventeenth century soldier's rucksack, and is valuable for carrying all manner of things.

Helmet or Hat (worn with protective "secret") - a must if you are to perform on the field of battle as a cavalryman. The Parliamentarian cavalry wear lobster pot helmets, while some Royalists prefer the black felt hats as worn by the musket. Gauntlets - leather long-cuffed gloves that help protect the hands, traditionally of a brown/buff leather colour.

There you have the very basics to equip yourself as a member of the cavalry. The above uniform and equipment will allow you to participate in any Society enactment - as a word of warning, mixing seventeenth and twentieth century clothing styles is unacceptable when performing re-enactment events in front of any audience.


Additional Items

Apart from the basic clothing necessary to undertake the role of a cavalryman, the following will be found useful:

Montero cap, or other hat, and latchet shoes for use when dismounted, as an alternative to helmet and boots, a cloak for cold evenings and bad weather and spurs (blunt) when passed as a proficient rider.

Weapons and ArmourArmour - all the Parliament cavalry and some of the Royalists wear armour. This consists of a back & breastplate and occasionally a bridle gauntlet , all the metal should be "black" finished. This being specialist equipment is made to measure for the individual.

Sword - the principal cavalry weapon is the sword. These are blunted so that no member of the society is seriously hurt. These can be purchased from traders within the society. You will need also a scabbard and a baldric.

Pistols - All cavalrymen were equipped with pistols and occasionally, carbines. The acquisition and use of these weapons is subject to Firearms Legislation and the Society's own rules.

The prices for the above items may vary. Patterns are available to make your own, or you can often buy second hand items either from your Regiment or on "Traders Row".

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