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Becoming an SK Medic

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Jo, our youngest Medic, writes about the Sealed Knot Medical Service....

"Hmmmm.. where to begin about the SKMS,we're a mixed up bunch really, of people who range from doctors, to nurses (student or otherwise), firemen to those who are qualified as first aiders.

"We're under the excellent command of Dr. Brian Robertson, and our aim in life is to see that you all on the field - and campsite - have a good scrap, and come away as unscathed as can be expected bearing in mind the not exactly genteel nature of our chosen passtime!

"You normally see us running round like ferrets after a rabbit on the field keeping an eye on everything that's happening on the field - yes, it is (as most schoolteachers, and parents for that matter) possible to have eyes in the back of your head!

"We're a small determined group, our total number is about 40 or so, and have possibly the highest %age turn out per muster consistently than any other regiment - so I'm told.

"The biggest frustration we get in our line of work is when people don't listen to us, I know we sound like the proverbial wet blankets, but it really is only because we care about your safety and the well-being of others that you may encounter on the field, and contrary to popular belief, we don't enjoy deliberately spoiling your fun!"

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