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The Sealed Knot Coat of Arms
1.1 The Sealed Knot - Bringing the Past to Life in Aid of the Future.
1.2 Charitable Status.
1.3 Achievements.

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1.1The Sealed Knot - Bringing the Past to Life in Aid of the Future.

Early in 1968, the late Brigadier Peter Young founded a society with the object of promoting historical research and raising public awareness of the history of the English Civil Wars. After a few months the new society could boast over 200 Cavalier members. It adopted the name of a secret Royalist organisation formed during the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell - The Sealed Knot.

Today, almost thirty years later, the modern Sealed Knot has grown into a Society of thousands, with members from all walks of life. As a registered charity it is strictly apolitical - both Royalists and Parliamentarians are now included in its ranks. The Society was granted its own coat of arms by the College of Heralds in 1983.

The Sealed Knot is no stranger to television, whether as extras and advisers in dramas such as By the Sword Divided (BBC 2) or documentaries such as Timewatch (BBC) and Civil War (Channel 4). In more recent years the Society itself has been portrayed in My Kingdom for a Horse and Witchfinder.

With members all over the world, the Sealed Knot enjoys close affiliations with fellow re-enactors in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia, introducing the story of our seventeenth century ancestors to an ever growing audience. Indeed, the Sealed Knot itself has now become an established feature in Britain's heritage, performing somewhere in the country almost every weekend of the year - and bringing the past to life in aid of the future.

1.2Charitable Status.

Through its public performances, the Sealed Knot has been instrumental in raising funds for both national and local charities. Many individual regiments are involved with local community groups, hospices, schools and churches. The 'Knot', as it is affectionately known, also works closely with many Rotary and Lions Clubs in the British Isles.

Well know charities who have used the pagentry of the Sealed Knot to promote their fund-raising activities include the NSPCC, The Army Benevolent Fund, Barnados, BLESMA, The Royal British Legion and Wells Cathederal.

The Society is always ready to help with initiatives aimed at preserving our heritage; consequently, we continue to work alongside organisations such as the National Trust, Historic Scotland and English Heritage. As a registered educational charity itself, the Sealed Knot contributes to a variety of projects designed to make seventeenth century history accessible to a wide audience.


As the Society's contribution to charitable causes is largely of an indirect nature, it is not possible to asses accurately the amount our activities have raised; however, it can confidently be stated to have exceeded 1m in the first twenty years and countinues to grow.

In three decades the Society has brought together an amazing variety of men, women and children to form a truly unique band of people. For thousands of members and spectators each summer there is only one Sealed Knot.

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