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2.1 The 'Muster' System.
2.2Types of Events Staged.
2.3 Re-enactment Experience.
2.4 Historical Expertise.
2.5 PR Support.

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2.1The 'Muster' System.

The Sealed Knot offers a wide range of seventeenth century historical presentations throughout the length and breath of Britain. The Society is divided into two armies (Royalist and Parliament), then into brigades (Royalist Tertios and Parliamentary Associations) and finally into individual regiments. Historical presentations, or 'musters' are usually organised at regimental level, although the larger events are often run by entire brigades.

The members of the Sealed Knot are all volunteers. They recieve no individual payment for their performances. Thus, the exact numbers of members attending a particular event can never be guaranteed, although previious musters can be used to estimate the response of the membership.

2.2Types of Events Staged.

School Visits
Typically a small number of re-enactors working within the classroom helping to bring history alive for the pupils.

Parades and Guards of Honour.
Afternoon or evening attendance of a local unit, generally consisting of a body of pikemen and musketeers with drums and colours.

Social History Presentations.
Typically a small number of re-enactors working with a museum or historic site. The presentation focuses on everyday life in the mid-seventeenth century.

Drill Displays.
Afternoon or evening attendance of a local unit and demonstration of period military drill movements and weapons, with use of black powder by the musketeers and cannon as appropriate.

Military Encampments
Whole day or weekend 'living history' presentations of a Civil War army and camp followers in the field, with authentic replica period tents and artefacts. This could also include a demonstration of drill and musketry.

A small scale demonstration of military tactics of the Civil War period involving pikemen, musketeers and possibly artillery.

Held on a weekend or bank holiday, a muster features afternoon performances of up to one and a half hour's duration on one or both days. A muster portrays a military engagement between the opposing forces of the King and Parliament. This can involve pikemen, musketeers, artillery, cavalry and camp followers. A military encampment will normaly be in place at these events throughout the weekend.

Musters usually fall into one of two catagories - large scale with full Society turnout and guaranteed no other Sealed Knot activity elsewhere in the country, or a smaller event where there may be other Sealed Knot activity, albeit at a significant distance away, and therefore a smaller turnout of the membership. The scale of the event is dependent upon the amount of suitable land available and sponsorship fee agreed.

2.3Re-enactment Experience.

The Sealed Knot has almost thirty years experience of staging re-enactment events. This knowledge is reflected in our 'on stage' performances, but is of great benefit to promoters in helping with the logistical planning and promotion required for a successful event.

2.4Historical Expertise.

Our knowledge of how seventeenth century people lived, worked and though has continued to improve, thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of oyur members. As the largest re-enactment society in Europe, the Sealed Knot is famed for staging spectacular Civil War battles; however, many members regularly demonstrate their specialised craft skills in more peaceful surroundings up and down the counrty.

The acadenic value of the Society has been shown by its practical investigation of social and military aspects of history. David Chandler, former Head of Military Studies at Sandhurst, and author of numerous books on military history is an active member, Lady Antonia Fraser is an associate member, while Barry Denton FRHistS and Dr. Ronald Hutton are among several academics who play a leading role in the Society. Almost every regiment has members with relevant academic qualifications and experience of historical research. Peter Young, our founder, was recognised as the leading authority on the English Civil War. No other re-enactment society can equal this accumulated wealth of knowledge and expertise.

2.5PR Support.

Promotional activity is essential to arouse public interest and ensure that the event is attended by a large audience. The Sealed Knot has a dedicated Public Relations Team which is available to give advice and support. Most members of the PR Team are trained professionals in the fields of marketing, education or history.

Various brochures, posters and information packs are available to help promote Sealed Knot activities. The services of the PR Team can be accessed through your Sealed Knot regimental contatct.

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