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The Sealed Knot
English Civil War Re-enactment

Sealed Knot Experts

The Sealed Knot Coat of Arms
Expert Animal Husbandry Expert is Diney Godfrey, [E-Mail]
animal husbandry, milking cows/goats, modern riding/driving horses
Expert Archaeology of the 17th Century Expert is Gareth Owen, [E-Mail]
Archaeology, Metalwork - archaeology of
Expert Archery Expert is Ian Allen, [E-Mail]
Archery, Arrows, Longbows
Expert Basketry Expert is Lynne Bullock, [E-Mail]
Expert Battle of Edgehill Expert is Robert Leedham, [E-Mail]
Battles, Edgehill
Expert Cavalry Expert is Stan Watts, [E-Mail]
Cavalry, Horses
Expert Coal Mines Expert is Lynne Bullock, [E-Mail]
Expert cooking Expert is Mark Evans, [E-Mail]
Expert Cooking Expert is Diney Godfrey, [E-Mail]
Food, Cooking - basic
Expert Costume Expert is Paula Kelly, [E-Mail]
Authenticity, Clothing, Clothing - men, Clothing - women
Expert Drill Expert is Dave Ryan, [E-Mail]
Drill, Drill manuals
Expert Droving Trade Expert is Mark Evans, [E-Mail]
Droving Trade
Expert Drumming Expert is Alison Clayton, [E-Mail]
Expert Drums & music Expert is Brian Osborne, [E-Mail]
Drums, Music
Expert Dyeing Expert is Dave Hopkins, [E-Mail]
Expert ECW - Derbyshire Expert is Andrew Polkey, [E-Mail]
Expert Embroidery Expert is Paula Kelly, [E-Mail]
Expert Farming Expert is Mark Evans, [E-Mail]
Expert Flags Expert is Dave Ryan, [E-Mail]
Expert General Military Organisation Expert is James Bull, [E-Mail]
Army Structure, Military structure, SK - army structure
Expert Gerard, Charles Expert is Chris Jones, [E-Mail]
Baron Brandon, Biographies - Civil War People, Gerard, Charles, Macclesfield, Earl of
Expert Heraldry Expert is Peter Bentham-Hill, [E-Mail]
Expert Herbal Expert is John Hancock, (No Email)
Herbs, Medical Treatment
Expert Heresy Expert is Gary Bate, [E-Mail]
Expert House Construction Expert is Chris Modd, [E-Mail]
Building, House Construction
Expert Housing Expert is Mark Evans, [E-Mail]
Expert Leather Expert is Tod Booth, [E-Mail]
Bags, Footwear, Gloves, Leather, Leather Bottles, saddlery, Shoes, Snapsacks
Expert Lighting Expert is McCann Gary, [E-Mail]
Candles, Lighting, Rushlights, Fire lighting
Expert London Trained Bands Expert is James Bull, [E-Mail]
Trained Bands
Expert Medicine Expert is Steve Bacon, [E-Mail]
Medical Treatment
Expert Metal Artefacts Expert is Jennie Simmons, [E-Mail]
Archaeology, Metal Artefacts
Expert Metalwork - archaeology of Expert is Gareth Owen, [E-Mail]
Metalwork - archaeology of
Expert Modern treatment of black powder injuries Expert is Brian Robertson, [E-Mail]
20th Century, Black powder, Medical Treatment
Expert Naval Clothing Expert is Carl Beeson, [E-Mail]
Clothing, Navy
Expert Navy Expert is Carl Beeson, [E-Mail]
Expert Rural music Expert is Diney Godfrey, [E-Mail]
Citterne, Dancing, Music, Rural music, whistles
Expert Saddlery Expert is Stan Watts, [E-Mail]
Expert Shoe making Expert is Ade Finch, [E-Mail]
Expert smallholding Expert is Diney Godfrey, [E-Mail]
milking cows/goats, vegetables, Growing salad herbs, Meats, Haymaking
Expert Social Structure Expert is Mark Evans, [E-Mail]
Social Structure
Expert spinning Expert is Hilary Hopkins, [E-Mail]
Expert Surgery Expert is Steve Bacon, [E-Mail]
Medical Treatment, Surgery
Expert Swords & Swordsmanship Expert is Gary Stewart, [E-Mail]
Expert Swords & Swordsmanship Expert is Maurizio Villa, [E-Mail]
Expert Tapestry Expert is Hilary Hopkins, [E-Mail]
Expert Thirty Years War Expert is Olivier Hofer, [E-Mail]
Expert Uniforms Expert is Dave Ryan, [E-Mail]
Expert Wales & the civil war Expert is Mark Evans, [E-Mail]
Wales & the civil war
Expert Warwickshire & the Civil War Expert is Robert Leedham, [E-Mail]
Warwickshire & the Civil War
Expert Weapons Expert is Dave Ryan, [E-Mail]
Firelocks, Muskets, Pikes, Swords
Expert Welsh Names Expert is Mark Evans, [E-Mail]
Welsh Names
Expert Witchcraft Expert is Gary Bate, [E-Mail]

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