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English Civil War Re-enactment

Welcome to the English Civil War
Knowledge Base

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Welcome to the Sealed Knot Civil War Knowledge Base. This section of the site contains fascinating and detailed articles on the English Civil War and life in the seventeenth century. Please use the menu on the left to find information.

  • Knowledge Base Articles - All the articles we currently have in the Knowledge Base. It is going to take a while to scan in and edit all the articles we have so this list shows the our progress.

  • Orders of the Daye Index - If you are looking for an article that is not in the Knowledge Base yet, look it up in the Complete index.

  • Sealed Knot Experts - If you still have a question or can't find what you are looking for, someone in the Sealed Knot may be able to help you.

  • People and Authors - Can't find the article but know the author? Search for articles by author here.

  • External Links - Even more information is available on other related sites. These are the best of them.

While the back issues from our society's magazine will continually be added to the Knowledge Base we intend to include additional articles and research papers to make this the most comprehensive resource on the English Civil war and Britain in the 17th Century.

If you are interested in contributing, or just commenting, contacts are on the main menu.

Copyright is held by the author and articles should not be copied, stored or transmitted in any form other than browsing the material on this site without the permission of the author.










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