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Forthcoming Events

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This list is by no means exhaustive, it only shows our larger events for the year. The Sealed Knot puts on many small events throughout Britain, which for various reasons it is not practicable to show here. Keep your eyes on local newspapers etc. for events happening near you.


  • Living History - tented encampment/displays of social skills;
  • Mini Muster - up to 200 re-enactors taking part;
  • Large Mini Muster - under 1000;
  • Major Muster - over 1000 participants.
*Large and Major Musters invariably contain a living history camp

If you want a Sealed Knot event advertised here, contact Ann Thomas with your SK5 number All members are reminded that they may not represent or commit the Society to any event without the written approval of the National Events Coordinator
SK Members are reminded to look in Orders of the Daye and/or the members section for information about SK campsites etc.

Further details of events will be included in due course


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