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Sir Thomas Fairfax's Regt of Foote

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The Sealed Knot Coat of Arms
...part of The Midland Association in the Army of Parliament
Uniform Coat Colour: blue,dark-mid,black facings/grey breeches
Description of Regimental Colour (Flag)
Cross of St George in Canton. Dark blue field
Regt Colour
Sir Thomas Fairfax was affectionately known as Black Tom and had a successful career as a cavalry commander in the north.

In 1645 he was appointed General of Parliament's New Model Army, which he led to victories and most notable of all over Charles I at Naseby.
Fairfax opposed the trial of the King and in 1650 retired to his Yorkshire estates.

We are mainly Yorkshire based, with members from areas of LEEDS,BRADFORD,HALIFAX,HULL,NEWCASTLE.
Our regiment has different age groups ranging from 1yr-65yrs old and include families with young children,single people and couples.

As well as attending the many Sealed Knot organised events through out the year, we are also involved in many local regimental events / galas.

During the summer we attend as many musters as possible,and socialise by having a barbeque and a few drinks for the regiment.

In winter months we have get together at each others houses and hold our regimental banquet usually in October time.

Fairfax's regiment is not just for men, we have many female members within our ranks.
who take on roles such as pikemen, musketeers, drummers and also part of the cannon crew.

Anyone who doesn't wish to take on a physical role can be camp followers or water carriers which are also important roles within the regiment.

Children are also welcome in our regiment but are not permitted on the battlefield until they turn 16 years old
but can be looked after whilst parents enjoy themselves in the heat of the battle.

Fairfax's of today's Sealed Knot Society, follows closely the hard fighting reputation of it's 17Th Century predecessors.

At various events our regiment in it's resplendent blue coats, are seen following our colours into the thick of the battle.

Clothing can be borrowed from members of the regiment until new members can purchase their own.

If you want to speak to the regimental contact (for either recruitment or public relations matters), please contact the following person:

Contact: Ian Woolley
Email Address:
Telephone: 0113 2909817

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