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The Sealed Knot Coat of Arms
...part of The Scots Brigade in the Royalist Army
Uniform Coat Colour: grey,hodden,hodden grey breeches/blue bonnet & hose

A Brief History of how Hamiltons Artillery Regiment was formed.
Half-way through 1996 three friends decided that they?d had enough of gallivanting around a battlefield wearing Tartan party frocks, carrying a sword and shield, so they looked around for something else to do whilst still being a part of the SK. (We had previously been members of the Rannoch Co. of Sword).

We decided to go BANG!!!!

So Hopi, Trog and Ellie decided to get a cannon and become an independent gun crew within the SK.
We didn?t know an awful lot about cannon, so a lot of the time in the early days was spent talking to people who were already established Gun Captains and crew.
As word got around about what we wanted to do, more people showed interest, so one day in a pub over a pint Trog and myself (Hopi) decided that if we could get enough people interested in the idea it might be worth trying to form our own Regiment.
We got the interest, more people came on board and things began to snowball.

So we talked to a few more people within the SK and towards the backend of February 1997 at a meeting held in the Coxwold, we were invited to form an Artillery Regiment for the Scot?s Brigade, with a view to taking the battlefield at the first Major Muster of the season-

The Battle of Kirkcudbright ? 19/20th July 1997? We had an awful lot of work to do at this point, we didn?t even have a cannon.
A great deal of research had already been done and the style of cannon that we eventually chose was of European design that is believed to have been brought over here by Montrose,
(an original from which our copies are taken is in the Prince of Lichensteins collection at Vaduz).

So we started building in earnest as time was against us, we had to train up as a crew
(other Artillery in the SK were very helpful in letting us be a part of their crews for training, the Parliament Bye Trayne and also Jim Wilkinson in particular who trained me for my Gun Captaincy),
We had to build a cannon from scratch.
This included sourcing the wood for the trail and the ?A? frame, building the wheels (that was fun)
getting the barrel cast and making the tools for the barrel
We also had to build a trailer to transport all of this. On the surface of it this might not sound like a great deal of work
But when you are starting with nothing but an idea there is a lot of hard graft involved in putting it all together.

It has to be stated right here and now, that whilst Trog, Ellie and myself may have been the driving force in those early days
We could not have done it without the efforts of those people who came on board with us and helped make the dream a reality.
Their enthusiasm and commitment was and still is second to none.
They are a fantastic bunch of people for whom problems are always viewed as challenges and the impossible can more often than not, be done almost immediately.

We are still only a small group at the moment but we aim to become bigger if we can get more people onboard,
this will enable us to widen our scope a little and bring other idea?s into being ? and even though I say so myself, I think that we have some damned good idea?s for the future.

It has been a learning curve for all of our crew, as we came into the Artillery game as very much the beginners.
We aimed high for our achievements and in the Third year of our existence it paid off.
The ?Brian Ing? Trophy is awarded each year, usually to an individual for their contribution to the cause of Artillery Excellence.

Sir Alexander Hamilton?s Regiment of Artillery became the first ?Regiment? to win the this trophy for their efforts in 1999, and in 2000 it was the turn of an individual of Hamilton?s to win it.
Ellie Hayes a Gun Capt. in our Regiment became the first women to win the award for her efforts.
We hope to continue to stride forwards and set the pace.
There is always plenty of work to do in running a Regiment.

So if you feel that you are up to the challenge why not give it a go,
new comers are always welcome.

So come on and give it a try ? I DARE YOU to come and do something a little bit different.

After all, just how many people do YOU know who fire cannons for a hobby?

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