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...part of The Lord Hopton's Tertio in the Royalist Army
Uniform Coat Colour: off-white,white,
The modern regiment was formed over the winter months 0f 1991/92 as an amalgamation of Peakes' Company of Earl Rivers' regiment (formerly the Basingstoke company of Rawdons), and Apslys` regiment (formerly The Queen's Lifeguard of Foote). The membership currently stands at about one hundred mostly based in Hampshire, Berkshire, Dorset and Cheshire. The largest contingent from the regiment comes from the Basingstoke area, hence the connection with Stephen Hawkins, and Basing House.

We have enthusiastic pike and musket blocks, and growing Living History and Baggage Trayne sections. We also have several historical researchers within the membership who have done an excellent job in increasing our knowledge on Steven Hawkins, Ralph Dutton and Life in the civil war period


We are looking for recruits, and are always happy to talk to anyone interested in joining the regiment - as a soldier under arms in the pike block, or as a musketeer, camp follower, or part of the baggage trayne. The regimental quartermaster can supply equipment and clothing for your first season and will ensure that you are ready to take part in your first muster.

As well as regimental and SK events throughout the year, there are monthly Pub meetings in Basingstoke and Warrington and Twice monthly Weapons training at The Bloody Barn at Basing House

Members of the regiment keep in touch at the regular meetings and through the "Ranter", our regimental magazine. What are you waiting for?

Throughout Hampshire / Berkshire (Main locations Basingstoke and Petersfield areas)

Throughout Dorset (Main locations Bournemouth and Weymouth areas)

Cheshire (main locations Warrington and Runcorn areas)

Basingstoke meetings are held at the 'Millstone' down Bartons Lane, Old Basing, near Basingstoke, on the First Friday of every month, from 9pm onwards. Weapons training is held before the monthly meeting and every alternate Friday at the Bloody Barn Basing House.

Warrington Meeting times and dates vary. Please contact for details.

The Original regiment was raised in July 1642 under its first Colonel, Sir Ralph Dutton, in Gloucestershire. It was one of the first to join the king when he raised his standard at Nottingham, and went on to fight at Edgehill, where as one of the largest regiment`s of foote it suffered heavy casualties, but did not break. The regiment saw service throughout the campaigns of 1643, notably at the storming of Bristol, the siege of Gloucester, and the First Battle of Newbury.
In December 1643 Dutton took up an appointment at the King's Court in Oxford, and the King made Stephen Hawkins colonel. The regiment formed part of the garrison at Reading, and fought at Cheriton in march 1644. After which, the whole regiment moved to Greenland House (Henley) as garrison, where it was besieged for almost two months until July. After a powder store was ignited the house became indefensible, and the regiment returned to Oxford. Greenland House was subsequently raised to the ground by the Parliamentary forces. 200 men from Hawkins regiment made up part of Gage's relief force to Basing House in September and then Banbury in October 1644. The regiment finally disbanded in June 1646 with the surrender of Oxford.
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If you want to speak to the regimental contact (for either recruitment or public relations matters), please contact the following person:

Contact: Keith Allmark
Email Address:
Telephone: 01256 475503

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