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The Sealed Knot Coat of Arms
...part of The Northern Association in the Army of Parliament
Uniform Coat Colour: blue,dark,dark blue breeches, white hose
Welcome to Lord Saye & Sele’s Blew Regiment of Foote.

Thank you for taking the time to find out about us. We are friendly, varied and versatile group re-enacting Lord Saye and Sele’s Blewe Regiment of Foote as part of the Northern Association of the Army of Parliament within the Sealed Knot.

Our membership is drawn from all walks of life. Our emphasis on having fun, whilst providing a good show. Each member may undertake any role they choose, be it combatant, civilian or a supporting role. Families are welcome and we try to involve youngsters in our activities. We have something for every one.

We have members spread throughout England and Wales. Our greatest strength is in South Wales and the East Midlands. We also have members in the South West, West Midlands and the South East.

Whether you’re looking for a battle to let off steam, a chance to dress up for a banquet, a social weekend away in a safe environment, to develop a character, to enjoy interesting conversation, to let your hair down with friends or an opportunity to explore our heritage and to visit places of historical interest, our regiment can offer it all.

We have a determined and experienced pike division. We have a small but skilled musket division. We have drummers, standard bearers, a preacher, senior officers and gentlemen, artillery crew, ladies and camp followers, and a range of living history roles. We’re open to new ideas and new roles. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a clue what might interest you. We can help you learn any skills necessary and help equip you to experience them all. Whether you choose to specialise is up to you.

In addition to events organised by other Sealed Knot regiments we organise our own regimental events several times a year particularly in South Wales and the Midlands, drawing upon our 26 years of experience of seventeenth century re-enactment.

We are able to provide talks and demonstrations to clubs, societies and schools.

We are able to organise and manage events from a school visit, through Drill displays and Living History encampments to large scale “Musters”. We have particularly strong links with the Bosworth Battlefield Visitors Centre in Leicestershire.

We also get together socially from time to time either nationally or at a local level.

The regiment possesses a range of equipment including arms, armour, muskets (Live firing and dummy), tents, living history equipment and a small artillery piece. We are able to issue or lend new members equipment and clothing from Regimental and personal stocks.

Our History
Lord Saye and Sele, a powerful politician and landowner, raised a regiment of Blue coated infantry in the summer of 1642 to fight for the Parliamentarian cause. Many of the soldiers were drawn from his power base in around Broughton Castle in Northern Oxfordshire. He appointed experienced and prominent officers including Captain Lieutenant John Rainsford author of “The Yong Soulldier” drill manual. In September 1642 he handed command of the regiment to Colonel Sir John Meldrum. As part of Meldrum’s brigade the regiment acquitted itself well at Edgehill. The regiment continued under Meldrum until 1643 when it was passed to Colonel Edward Aldridge. Aldridge led the regiment through the 1644 campaigns in the West Country including the Parliamentarian defeat at Lostwithiel in Cornwall, where the “blew colours with lions rampant” were witness to the Parliamentarian surrender on 2 September 1644.

The regiment reformed, reequipped and reorganised in the Portsmouth area and during the Winter 1644-1645 became part of the red coated New Model Army. Many reinforcements for the regiment came from the Eastern Association counties, particularly Essex.

Commanded by Colonel Walter Lloyd, it continued to campaign in the West Country. It was heavily engaged around Taunton resulting in the death of Colonel Lloyd and the 80% casualty rate (Killed and wounded) amongst company commanders is testimony to the vigour in which the campaign was pursued.

Command passed to William Herbert who led it through the storming of Bristol, siege of Berkley Castle and the fighting at Reading.

Following the political problems of 1647 Colonel Robert Overton was appointed to command the regiment. In 1648 eight companies were dispatched under Lt Colonel Thomas Reade as the only regular New Model Army foot to join Colonel Horton’s campaign in South Wales in May 1648. The regiment fought bravely at St Fagan’s and later went on to fight at Preston where Oliver Cromwell mentioned it as “Often coming to push of pike and to close firing.”

In 1649 command passed to George Fenwick (an associate of Lord Saye and Sele). In 1650 Oliver Cromwell formed George Moncks regiment for the invasion of Scotland using five companies of Fenwick’s regiment and five companies of Sir Arthur Hazelrig’s regiment. The regiment continued campaigning through the war in Scotland and its subsequent "Occupation". Officers appointed to lead it and no doubt some of the rank and file continued in service throughout the Commonwealth period and into the Restoration period when this regiment went on to become the
Coldstream Guards.

We have the honour of bearing the Colours of the Fiennes family with the permission of the current Viscount Lord Saye and Sele whose family still reside at Broughton Castle in Oxfordshire. We wear the blue coats of the Regiment for events set before 1645 and the redcoats of the New Model Army for later periods. However on our red coats we retain the blue cuffs our earlier identity.

The Future
With a proud heritage, Lord Saye and Sele’s Blew Regiment of Foote continues within the Sealed Knot, educating and entertaining, whilst having enormous fun. One of the few Sealed Knot regiments to have a direct connection to the family that raised the original regiment and a history that forms part of the background of a modern Army unit.

If you want to speak to the regimental contact (for either recruitment or public relations matters), please contact the following person:

Contact: Steve Howard
Email Address:
Telephone: 01530 264116

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