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Earl of Manchester's Regt of Foote

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The Sealed Knot Coat of Arms
...part of The Northern Association in the Army of Parliament
Uniform Coat Colour: red,mid,green facings/green breeches
Welcome to the Earl of Manchester's Regiment of Foote

We are a Regiment with a wide range of ages and we also have a large family
contingent. Many of our members specialise in a variety of areas including
making costumes, making weaponry and armour and living history. Manchester's
pride themselves in their skill at living history; a side to the Sealed Knot
that should be (and in our case is) very authentic. Being as authentic as
possible in a 21st Century world, our living history camps help show the
public what 17th Century England would have been like.

On the battling side, we have a large pike block which includes four ladies.
We also have a growing musket block with both firing and non-firing
(Dummy) muskets. Our firing cannon has recently been given a face lift and
is shortly to have it's own dedicated crews. We also have non-combatant
roles such as drummers and water carriers. These roles serve an important
part. Whilst they are on the battlefield they are safe from attack.

We are based in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cambridgeshire areas but also
cover some other regions including the Isle of Mann. Regular meetings are
held; usually one per month. During battling season, we have our meetings
at battles, during Winter Quarters we hold them at the Lodge in Gildersome,
near Leeds and also Lancashire. During Winter Quarters, we have many social
get-togethers and hold our annual banquet - usually February or March. At
our meetings, everything concerning the Regiment and the Sealed Knot is
discussed. In 'any other business' members may use this as an open forum
for help, advice or sharing information. We fully support each other's
ideas and any roles members would like to take.

The younger members of our regiment have recently set up their own 'mini'
company named "The Piglets". Their company shadows the main Regiment in
that they have an official structure to their company including CO, 2ic,
Quartermaster, PRO etc. We believe in keeping the children of our Regiment
happy and occupied and this is one of the many things our children can do
whilst the adults are on the battlefield. As a matter of note, we always
have an adult or two back at camp to watch over the children while their
parents are on the field.

If you feel you could be a part of our happy crew, please get in touch
through the contact points below:

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If you want to speak to the regimental contact (for either recruitment or public relations matters), please contact the following person:

Contact: David Oxley
Email Address:
Telephone: 01253 298131

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