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The Sealed Knot Coat of Arms
...part of The Prince Palatines Tertio in the Royalist Army
Uniform Coat Colour: green,,brick red breeches
Description of Regimental Colour (Flag)
Cross of St George in canton. Dark green field.
Regt Colour
Today the Earl of Northamptons regiment of the Sealed Knot has over 190 members and fights with Prince Palatines Tercio in the Royalist Army. We have members all over the country, but the major concentrations are to found in and around Cambridge, London, Ashby De La Zouch (Leics.) and Boddelwyddan (N. Wales). If you do not live in one of these areas above, do not worry. We have members all over England so feel free to contact us to see if any are local to you.

The regiment is divided into four main companies (as well as the regimental staff):

Col. Spencer Comptons Company of Pike.
Col. Sir Charles Comptons Company of Dragoones.
Col. Sir James Comptons Company of Musket.
Col. Sir William Comptons Company of Artillery and Baggage.

As you can see, our regiment has a wide range of roles for its members. As new members you are welcome to try any or all of these to see which you might prefer to do in the long run. There are both combatant roles e.g. the Pike, Dragoones and Musket, or non combatant activities with the Baggage trayne. Members from all these companies are also involved in living history displays and events at musters and other events.

The regiment has members form all sorts backgrounds with all sorts of specific interests and welcomes families and children; we currently have 52 children in our membership. With a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and such wide range of roles we think that anybody could find a comfortable niche in the Earl of Northamptons regiment.

If you would like any more information about us or how to join please contact one of the addresses bellow.

Yours in the Cause,

Sgt. Matt Langley
God save the King.

The original Earl of Northamptons regiment was raised in Warwickshire and Oxfordshire in 1642 by the then Earl Spencer Compton. He commanded the horse part of the regiment, which fought with the Oxford field army, until his death in action when he was succeeded by his son James. The horse are known to have fought in a number of the major battles including Hopton Heath, Newbury, Cropredy Bridge and Naesby. The foot part of the regiment was commanded by Spencer Comptons son William and was the Garrison at Banbury for most of the war. They also seem to have fought at the battles at Leicester and Middleton Cheney.
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If you want to speak to the regimental contact (for either recruitment or public relations matters), please contact the following person:

Contact: Bob Scott
Email Address:
Telephone: 01279 505214

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