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Col Thomas Prides Regt of Foote

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...part of The Northern Association in the Army of Parliament
Uniform Coat Colour: red,mid,yellow facings/grey breeches
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Black field
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Prides Regiment had a long history in the civil war.
Formed in 1642 by Colonel Barclay, it was taken into the new model army by Colonel Harley in 1645 and fought in many of the significant engagements of the civil war.

Thomas Pride was born in St. Brides parish, Ashcott near Glastonbury and was raised as a foundling child.
He was at one time a brewer's drayman, but once he joined the army he began a steady rise through the ranks.

He commanded the regiment at the battle of Naseby in 1645 and took charge of the regiment which bore his name in 1647.

He is perhaps best known for his involvement in what became known as Pride's purge, when, using soldiers he excluded members of Parliament from the House of Commons because of their disagreement with the army.

In January 1649 Pride was appointed one of the Commisioners at the trial of Charles 1.

He attended every sitting of the court but one and signed the King's death warrant.

May 1650 saw the Regiment marching with Cromwell into Scotland where they were victorious at the battle of Dunbar, as they were at Worcester in 1651.

During the 1650s Pride had a number of duties, one of which was victualling the Navy.

He became a member of the Common Council, High Sheriff of Surrey and was Knighted by the Lord Protector Cromwell in 1656.

He died on October 23rd 1658. He is believed to be buried in the grounds of the former Nonsuch Palace in Surrey which he purchased following the Civil War.

His body failing to be found following the restoration and attainting of many of the Regicides.

Richard Moss succeeded Pride as the Colonel of the Regiment.

The Regiment were very Republican minded and opposed the the restoration of Charles 2nd.
They eventually willingly submitted to disbandment in 1660.

The Regiment was reformed by members of the Sealed Knot in 1991.

A small but growing Regiment we aim for high standards of dress, drill and organisation.
The regiment is based mainly around Warwickshire and the Midlands but have members all over the country who are kept informed through the Regimental Newsletter, "The Souldiers catechisme."

If you want to speak to the regimental contact (for either recruitment or public relations matters), please contact the following person:

Contact: Peter Ellis
Email Address:
Telephone: 01926 771888

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