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Regimental Role

The Sealed Knot Coat of Arms
    Colour Key to links:
purple dot= Royalist Regiments
orange dot= Parliamentarian (Roundhead)Regiments
red dot= Parliamentarian New Model Army Regiments
blue dot= Scot's Regiments
orange dot= Non Army Units
quill= Separate Web site available
notes= Further information available

The Armies

Non Army Units
Army of Parliament
Royalist Army
- Including Brigade Structures and Uniform Recogniser

The Brigades
The King's Tertio
The Prince Palatines Tertio
The Lord Hopton's Tertio
The Marquess of Newcastle's Tertio
The Forlorn Hope
The Horse
The Scots Brigade
The Western Association
The Midland Association
The Northern Association
The Scots Brigade
The London Brigade
Independent Parliament
Non Army Units

The Regiments

Col Richard Bagot's Regt of Foote quillnotes
Col Thomas Ballards Regt of Foote quill
Sir Henry Bard's Regt of Foote quill
Sir John Belasyse's Regt of Foote
Col John Birch's Regt of Foote quill
Prince Rupert's Blew Regt of Foote quillnotes
Col Manus O'Cahan's Regt of Foote
Sgt Major General James Carrs Regt of Foote quillnotes
Sir Vincent Corbet's Coy
Col John Dalbier's Bye-Trayne of Artillerie quill
Earl of Essex's Regt of Foote quillnotes
Sir Thomas Fairfax's Regt of Foote
Col Hugh Fraser's Dragoones quill
Friends of the Knot
Col Charles Gerards Regt of Foote
Sir Thomas Glemham's Regt of Foote
Sir William Godolphins Regt of Foote quill
Sir Bernard De Gommes Companie of Pioneers and Fireworkers
Sir Bevill Grenvile's Regt of Foote
Lord Grey's Regiment of Foote quillnotes
General of Artillery, Sir Alexander Hamiltons Regiment quill
Col Roberts Hammond's Regt of Foote quill
Col Stephen Hawkin's Regt of Foote quillnotes
Sir Gilbert Hoghton's Coy quill
Col John Hutchinson's Regt of Foote
Col Samuel Jones Regt of Foote quill
The King's Lifeguard of Foote quill
Col Thomas Laghtnan's Regt of Foote quill
John Lilburne's Regiment of Foote quill
Sir George Lisles Regt of Foote
SK Living History Group quill
Blew Regt of the London Trayned Bandes quill
Lord Saye & Sele's Regt of Foote notes
Sir Gervase Lucas' Company. quill
Earl of Manchester's Regt of Foote quill
Prince Maurice's Regt of Dragoones
Sealed Knot Medics
Col William Gordon of Minimore's Coy
Sir Richard Molyneux's Company of Foote notes
The Marquess of Newcastle's Regt of Foote quill
The Earl of Northampton's Regiment of Foote quillnotes
Col Sir John Owen's Company quill
Parliament Trayne of Artillerie quill
Col John Pickerings Reg of Foote
Col Thomas Prides Regt of Foote
Sir Marmaduke Rawdon's Regt of Foote quill
Earl Rivers Regiment of Foote quill
Lord John Robartes Regt of Foote quill
Prince Rupert's Lifeguard quill
Sgt Major General Phillip Skippon's Regt of Foote quill
Sir Nicholas Slanning's Regt of Foote quill
Earl of Stamford's Regt of Foote quill
Col Henry Tilliers Regt of Foote quillnotes
Tower Hamlets Trayned Bands quill
Sir William Waller's Regiment of Horse quill
Col James Wardlaw's Dragoones notes
Sir Thomas Wentworths Regiment of Foote quill

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