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The Sealed Knot, a registered charity, stages numerous events throughout the country, offering you the unique chance to experience at first hand the trials of a nation at war with itself.
A Nation at War with Itself
Sealed Knot battle re-enactments are colourful, exciting and above all realistic - the roar of the cannon, cavalry dashing across the field, thousands of soldiers clashing in battle, the colourful standards, the smoke and the noise of the drums - this is the Sealed Knot - vividly bringing to life the battles that helped shape our nation.

What better way to teach children about the period than with a little "hands-on" experience.

The Sealed Knot has been heavily involved in education for many years, giving school talks and displays about life in the Civil War throughout the UK. If your school or college is running a project on the Civil War period, the Sealed Knot can provide you with experts on everything from cookery to clothes, education and politics, through to weapons and battle strategies.