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The Sealed Knot Coat of Arms
1st Captain's Co'y, Stamfords, ECWSA
1st Captain's Co'y, The Earl of Stamford's Regiment of Foote, Army of Parliament, ECWSA. We are recruiting in Northern California, and hold monthly black-powder shoots in the SF Bay Area. Check out our schedule of events!
Blackwell's Regiment (ECWS UK & US)
Sir Thomas Blackwell's Regiment is a recreated regiment of infantry from the period of the English Civil War, 1642 to 1645.
English Civil War Society of America, ECWSA (neither ECWS or SK)
The English Civil War Society of America is a non-profit organization dedicated to the researching and accurate portrayal of the Royalist and Parliamentary armies, which fought between 1639 and 1651. The society is run and organized in a military fashion by volunteers based upon the historical structure of the seventeenth century armies of the English Civil Wars and the twentieth century requirements of the society.
English Renaissance Reenactment - St. Michael's Guild
The Guild of St. Michael is the parent organization for all of the military companies at California's Renaissance Pleasure Faires, Southern Faire (RPFS) and Northern Faire (RPFN). This page deals primarily with St. Michael - South at RPFS.
St. Michael's also maintains English Reenactment pages full of information about Elizabethan society, culture, history and activities as well as links to other sources on the Net.
Gallas Dragoner
German 17th C reenactment group known for their participation in the Memmingen Festival.
Routiers Pike and Musket Society (Australia)
We are a living history organisation whose focus is on the military aspects of 17th Century Europe.

Specifically, we concentrate on the Trained Bands (or "Trayned Bandes" if you prefer) of London during the period of the English Civil War.

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