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The Sealed Knot Coat of Arms
Ages of Elegance
We specialize in the manufacture of historical clothing for Weddings, Museums, Collectors and Re-enactors. The garments are constructed using contemporary methods and techniques as far as possible. We endeavour to make clothing as historically accurate as 20th century materials and information allow
Albion Small Arms
The Albion Small Arms trading site and on-line catalogue. ASA provide black powder weapons to re-eanctors from most periods and have been established over 12 years.
Bandoliers for Musketeers
Paul Meekins - Reproduction 17th Century bandoliers for black powder muskets. Our bandoliers are copied from surviving examples in museums and individually turned by hand. Choose from four different styles of bottle and a range of optional extras to get a bandolier which is customised for you. We also supply hand-knitted wool hose, hand made or machined cloth cut hose and hand-knitted hats in a variety of styles.
Bigbury Mint
The Bigbury Mint is privately owned and based in South Devon, UK. We specialise in medals and repoduction coins.
Bowstock Ltd - Leather, Leather products & tools
Leather & leatherworking tools, books, guides and supplies, custom-made leather goods. Visit our special re-enactment area - Please use this page for information about our trading schedule at historical events. As re-enactors we often make objects to order for other re-enactors. Everything is hand-stitched and made to order. We also make buffcoats, sword baldrics and scabbards.
Caliver Books / Partizan Press Online
We hope that you will find our website easy to use. We are working hard, not just to make our site attractive, but also to help you find what you want quickly and to make the ordering process simple.
Caliver Books is a real bookshop, with thousands of titles in stock for immediate delivery - unlike some other online book sites which make you wait, sometimes for weeks.
Professional artist and SK member Phil Tetlow will produce your very own Wencelas Hollar from your own photograph. Individual figures, groups, cameos etc. you decide. All periods catered for. Fine quality pen and ink drawings, mounted and framed at a price you can afford.
Fashion Designer Vanessa Treasure
We are a small business based in Newcastle - under- Lyme. Using 30 yrs broad, 'hands-on' experience in the design and manufacture of clothing. We provide 'one-off', 'made-to-measure' miracles and practical involvement in mass produced garments, with many areas in between.
Greenhill Books
Publishing a wide variety of military history books in the UK and also distributing various American publishers such as Stackpole Books, Presidio and Concord
Harlot Publications
Paul Meekins - We are a small publishing company, established in 1999 to publish pamphlets and books about crafts & history. Or most recent title is an account of the Battle of Worcester, published to coinicide with the 350th anniversary and written by the County Archaeology Officer for the County. All our titles can be obtained through Paul Meekins. Other stockists listed hold one or more of our titles but may not stock them all.
John Lowday - Bible boxes and period furniture
It has been with family historians in mind that I have produced these Family History Boxes, and am now offering them for sale. Period furniture at (may need to use IE browser for links to work)
K.M.K Dressage Training
I am currently based in Spain (near Jerez) studying high school dressage but I spend one week of each month in the UK teaching. I've spent alot of time researching the history of horse training and believe firmly in the link between high school training and hand to hand mounted combat. Having ridden horses out here trained for mounted bullfighting, as well as those for artistic high school dressage, I can apreciate the advantages of total manouverability. I know alot of SK riders work with hired horses and may not feel that high school dressage is deeply relevant but I could certainly teach them as riders as they would have been taught during the early to mid 17th century.
Living History Portraits
Michael Sly's artistic style is detailed and very realistic, and working with the graphite pencil enables him to produce portraits with a photographic-like quality. Michael is completely committed to producing an heirloom portrait which captures you and your dedication to keeping history alive.
Made of Wood
We are based in Edinburgh and specialize in turning wood. We use only the best wood, and therefore sell the best possible bowls and goblets.
Master Armourer Christopher Dobson
Chris has been working as a professional armourer for some 16 years now, but is mostly unknown to the re-enactment world, as he works almost entirely for collectors and museums (both reproductions and restoration work). He is now offering 'Masterclasses', which are weekend residential courses designed for re-enactors and armour entusiasts. Class members attend his workshop for a weekend to learn a series of basic skills of armour production.
Past Tents - Purveyors of fine quality tentage
Past Tents make high quality tentage to suit any period, specializing in Late Medieval, Napoleonic and English or American Civil War designs.
Paul Meekins Military & History Books
Specialist 17th century bookseller - secondhand, out of print and new - over 1000 ECW titles available.
S. B. Juniper - Handsewn Shoes and Boots
My name is Sarah Juniper, I've been making shoes for twenty years and was the first to make re-enactment shoes in this country. My areas of specialization are 1st - 4th Century Roman: Very late Tudor (1580) through 17th C., 18th C. up to the early 19th C.
Sally Green - Historical costume and accessories
Historical costumes, both stock sizes and made-to-measure.
Stephen Walsh's Online Gallery
The gallery features some of Stephen's recent works, as well as prints available for sale, and will be updated regularly. Stephen has worked for Osprey Publishing, working on several of the "Warrior" series of books, including "Matchlock Musketeer".
Steve Millingham Pewter Replicas
I’ve been making replicas since 1981, supplying Canterbury Cathedral, Hampton Court, the Tower of London, English Heritage, the National Trust, Historic Scotland, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Plimoth Plantation, film and television companies, countless museums, and re-enactors everywhere.
This is the widest range of historically accurate pewter replicas in the entire world, and my trade extends as far as winds can blow.
The Armoury - Derek Cole
Established in 1974, 'The Armoury' offers a wide range of reproduction armour from Roman to Civil War periods for re-enactment displays or educational purposes. A one-craftsman operation, using traditional hand-made methods and aiming for authenticity in all aspects of manufacture and finish, using heavyweight steel made to protect the wearer from skirmishes. All armour is made specifically for the client ensuring a good fit, and including any special finishes or embellishments.
The Merchant Venturers
Merchant Venturers - we continue this long tradition scouring the continents after goods for the re-enactor, museums or anyone who has an interest in our past. Whether it be glass from the Czech Republic or Rushnips from Indonesia, I am sure you will find something to take pride of place in your tent or your home!
Warwear - Costume to Die For
I have been involved in many periods of re enactment for years, and have produced costume for Medieval, Landsknecht, English Civil War, Napoleonic, French Indian and numerous other groups. Our kit is cost effective, hard wearing and so professional that it even fits.

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