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The Sealed Knot
English Civil War Re-enactment

External Links

The Sealed Knot Coat of Arms
Top Level : UK ECW Reenactment Organizations
17th Century Life & Times
Our friendly, family-based society recreates lifestyle and events from the seventeenth century. Our events are staged at various castles or houses of this period and include military, residential and camp based activities. Using displays that are a mixture of role-play, living history and battle re-enactments we endeavour to produce events that are informative and interesting.
Basingstoke Early Dance
We perform in good quality reproduction period clothes and footwear, either all of a single
period, or showing a variety of styles illustrating the changing fashions between 1450 and 1650.
We are able to supply our own musicians for a performance ) if required_, and use reproduction
period instruments, and who also have period costume.
Bonaventure - Re-enacting Maritime History 1560-1660
Welcome to the website of Bonaventure, the only UK based re-enactment group specialising solely in the portrayal of English Seamen and their families from the late Tudor period, through the early Stuarts, to the Interregnum and the Commonwealth.
Bullace Hill Living History
Grayhill (also known as Bullace Hill) is a 16/17th century living history site in Monmouthshire, with authentic usable stone buildings, gardens and orchards. The organisation which runs the site is a registered charity has received money from the Sealed Knot. Sealed Knot members may wish to take part in the living history or may wish to book the site for events by prior arrangement.
English Heritage
English Heritage is concerned with every building and site in the country which contributes to our historic environment and our understanding of the past.
National Association of Re-enactment Societies (NARES)
National Association of Re-enactment Societies website. Includes lists of member societies, calendars, etc.
The English Civil War Society (ECWS)
The English Civil War Society (ECWS) is a UK-based history re-enactment group with a national membership of around 2,000. This group of friends portrays events of the period 1642-51 for the entertainment and education of the audience at public displays.
{Check out the ECWS Discussion Forum at }
The Essex Militia
An English based Historical Living History group that covers the time period from James I through to James II, the years 1603 to 1703.
The Guild of Gentry & Allied Skills
The Guild of Gentry & Allied Skills (otherwise known as the G.A.S. Company) is a small group of history enthusiasts who stage displays that portray a typical gentry household of about 1635, a few years before the outbreak of the English Civil Wars.
The Siege Group
ECW Living History and reenactment organization. Formed in 1988, a small group of English Civil War re-enactors sought to bring a new dimension and authenticity to the portrayal of 17th century life, with role-play using characters and events in local history where ever possible.
The Torrington Garrison
The Torrington Garrison and Townsfolk is a community based voluntary group in Torrington, Devon We re-enact the town and the people of Great Torrington around the time of the English Civil War, particularly the Battle of Torrington in 1646 when the then Royalist town was overrun by the Parliamentarian forces of Oliver Cromwell and Lord Fairfax.

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